Project objective: providing young Bulgarians who want to organize low-budget projects with training, mentorship and micro-funds to help them implement their ideas.

Brief description:

Inspire Bulgaria aims to support Bulgarian youngsters who have ideas for low-budget projects that will contribute to both themselves, their peers and the society (e.g. fundraisers, community service initiatives, eco actions, awareness campaigns, social entrepreneurship of any kind!)

The training and funding opportunity will be promoted in a number of educational institutions and through various partnering NGOs. The application process will be accessible to young people and open throughout the year.

In addition to the financial support project organizers will receive mentorship by other young people with leadership experience who will advise them how to promote their projects among peers, improve the quality of their projects and develop skills and attitudes which will help them throughout their lives. Priority will be given to ideas that include participation of peers and have impact on the society. In the summer a 4-day Leadership Academy will bring the young leaders together to create a sense of community, work in groups and focus on different topics which will further on develop understanding and skills in leadership, project management and self-development.

The results of the funded initiatives will be disseminated through their appearing in the Facebook group of the project. A simple website will be created to promote the project and give access to valuable and easy to read articles connected to project planning, funding and implementation.



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